7th August 2016 – Megan and Louis’ Wedding

We had a great ‘getting to know you’ time on Megan and Louis’ engagement shoot and we knew, straight away that we were in for a treat at their wedding!  Megan and Louis who grew up in Wiltshire and hold the countryside close to their hearts and knew immediately they discovered Wellington Barn, that that was  the perfect venue for them. This outstanding wedding venue, off the beaten track and set amongst rolling hills is absolutely fabulous and certainly looked at it’s best on this glorious summer’s day. A few tears were shed on the way up the aisle as the theme from Titanic was played (a film which meant a lot to Megan and her father) but as soon as the ceremony began huge smiles took over! Friends had come from far and wide with quite a lot from the racing fraternity.  24/7, the fantastic live band, took over in the evening and with a packed the floor, everyone partied on way after Megan and Louis had left!


There is an archive of Wedding Photography Dairy Pages on my old website.

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